Launching RightFit: A Case Study on Innovative Web and Brand Development

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By Alex Kleshchevnikov|January 29, 2024

RightFit Advisors, an innovative Atlanta-based staffing firm, is redefining talent solutions with a unique blend of advanced AI tools and insightful human judgment. Specializing in tailored hiring strategies, including Leadership Advisory, Staff Training & Development, and Talent Acquisition Consulting, they stand out in the industry for their commitment to empathy, transparency, and authenticity. Their approach, marked by a harmonious blend of intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) assessments, fosters meaningful connections in the technical staffing arena.

RightFit’s Digital Vision

Rightfit Advisors required a robust online presence that accurately reflected their modern and ground-breaking approach and effectively conveyed their expertise in the industry. For this purpose, they engaged ADEKA Studio to devise a comprehensive digital strategy that comprised website designing, copywriting, ATS platform integration, and preliminary creation of SEO-optimized content. The objective was to design a website that served as an informative center and highlighted their dedication to transforming the staffing process through personalized service and advanced technology.

Crafting the Solution

Brand Aesthetic Development: During our initial meetings with the leadership of RightFit Advisors, we had detailed discussions to comprehend their objectives and visualize their brand. This involved exploring various aspects, such as logo design and color theory, and identifying the target audience for RightFit’s diverse services. These sessions were critical in aligning our design goals with their strategic objectives.

Creating the Brand Aesthetic: Creating RightFit Advisors’ brand aesthetic involved a collaborative and iterative process. We presented a series of design proposals, each reflecting the company’s innovative approach and tailored services. The chosen design underwent further refinement, ultimately becoming a comprehensive brand guidelines package. This package became the cornerstone for all site and marketing materials, ensuring consistency and coherence across all platforms.

Website Design and Development

Design Strategy: Our Head of Design, working closely with RightFit Advisors, focused on creating a website that was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and engaging. Key design elements included a clean, modern layout with intuitive navigation to reflect the company’s innovative approach. The use of interactive elements and responsive design ensured an optimal user experience across various devices and platforms.

Technical Execution: The technical execution of the website was led by our design and product teams in close collaboration with the client. We employed the latest web development technologies to ensure a seamless and fast user experience. Leveraging WP Engine’s robust hosting solutions, we ensured RightFit Advisors’ website was not only visually stunning but also high-performing and reliable, essential for their digital-first approach. The site was optimized for performance, focusing on fast loading times and smooth interactions, ensuring visitors could access information efficiently and engage with the content effectively.

Copywriting and Messaging

Content Strategy: Our approach to developing site copy and messaging involved a deep dive into RightFit Advisors’ brand values and voice. Collaborating closely with their team, we crafted content that resonated with their target audience and embodied the company’s empathy, transparency, and authenticity ethos.

SEO Optimization: In optimizing the website content for search engines, we focused on integrating relevant keywords naturally into the content, ensuring readability while boosting search rankings. We also employed meta tags, alt text for images, and structured data to enhance visibility and accessibility.

ATS Platform Integration

Integration Process: Integrating the third-party Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platform was critical to this project. Our technical team thoroughly analyzed the ATS API, presenting multiple implementation proposals to the client. The chosen solution allowed for a deep integration that maintained RightFit Advisors’ brand aesthetic while offering a seamless end-user experience.

Challenges and Solutions: The integration process involved rigorous testing and adjustments. During user acceptance testing, we identified and addressed specific behavioral aspects to align with the client’s requirements, ensuring a smooth integration that met RightFit Advisors’ functional and aesthetic standards.

SEO-Optimized Content Creation

Content Development: Post-launch, our product team developed a six-month content calendar tailored to RightFit Advisors’ target audiences and areas of expertise. This strategy ensured that the content was relevant, engaging, and aligned with their digital marketing goals, enhancing their online presence and authority.

Measuring Success: The impact of this content was measured using Google Analytics and funnel tracking tools like Lucky Orange. These tools provided insights into user engagement and behavior, allowing us to refine strategies and optimize content for better performance and higher search engine rankings.


Realizing the Vision: Post-Launch Success

RightFit Advisors and ADEKA Studio collaborated to create a remarkable website demonstrating their innovative staffing approach. By utilizing proven techniques and combining them with technical expertise and creative skills, they achieved an intuitive and engaging user experience. This website is a great example of what can be accomplished when the right partners come together to produce top-notch results.

Initial Surge in Engagement: From its very inception, the RightFit Advisors website has attracted significant attention, drawing in a growing number of visitors, both new and returning. This initial success is a direct outcome of the site’s compelling content, user-friendly design, meticulous SEO strategy, and thoughtful content creation. These efforts have rapidly positioned RightFit Advisors in a place of prominence within the competitive digital landscape, an impressive feat for a new entrant.

Streamlining from the Start: A key achievement of this project was the seamless integration of a custom-built Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This integration was pivotal in establishing efficient and streamlined operations for RightFit Advisors from day one. By enhancing both the candidate and employer experience, this feature has demonstrated our commitment to delivering comprehensive digital solutions that go beyond mere web development.

Establishing Industry Presence: The website’s functionality and aesthetics have been instrumental in establishing RightFit Advisors as a significant new entrant in the staffing field. This digital platform is a dynamic representation of their innovative approach and ethos, marking their debut in the staffing industry with a strong and clear message.

Metrics Indicative of a Successful Launch: The website’s performance metrics paint a picture of immediate success and potential for growth. Google Analytics data shows promising engagement rates, encouraging bounce rates, and satisfying session durations – all positive indicators for a newly launched website. Furthermore, our strategic SEO and content approach have laid a solid foundation for RightFit Advisors to be recognized as a thought leader in staffing.

Launch Your Vision with ADEKA

This collaboration with RightFit Advisors exemplifies how ADEKA Studio excels in turning new concepts into digital success stories. More than just building a website, we established a digital foundation crucial for RightFit’s breakthrough in the staffing sector. At ADEKA Studio, we’re all about creating real results for your digital needs – launching a fresh project or rejuvenating your online presence. We’re ready to partner with you to craft a digital experience representing your brand and driving your goals forward.

Interested in elevating your digital presence? Contact ADEKA Studio to get started.



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